Friday, January 9, 2009

A Horse that Runs on Diet Mt. Dew

It's back to school week for Sarah. After a slightly rough start where she came home early on Monday because she wasn't feeling well, it's been all uphill. Next Wednesday the semester changes so Sarah will leave behind advanced piano and keyboarding class and start fresh with art and industrial arts. Instead of industrial arts should could have selected cooking/sewing but she wanted to try something new. All her other classes will remain the same.

Next Tuesday Kevin and I will be attending a small piano recital at school which is the culmination of the advanced piano class. All the students had worked on a Christmas song as the recital was to be held before holiday break, the the snowy weather that cancelled school also cancelled the recital. So the kids have all had to learn new songs . We'll try to take a bit of video or photos.

I'm EXCITED to say that the Pillsbury Million Dollar Bake-Off just opened up for entries yesterday so for the next few months I'll be sequestered in my kitchen trying to come up with the next great Pillsbury recipe! If you call or email and I don't get right back with you, expect an answer in late April when the deadline closes! LOL! I was a finalist in 2004 and had a great time during my trip to Hollywood to compete, but I did not win a prize. Maybe this time?!?!?!? Could it be "Orlando, Here I Come!?!?" In giddy just thinking about it!

Kevin is easing back into university life and classes will resume next week. He's been doing a few "goodies" around the house like painting the back door frame and organizing all his hiking stuff. He's getting "the itch" to go hiking again -- I can see it in his eyes. As you can see below, he's already started a pre-hike strength training "hallway horse ride" program under the guidance of Sarah and Romeo! And a one, and a two, and a .......


Joanne said...

Ooooo a new bake off?! Good luck - it does sound exciting!!

sherrie said...

Good Luck in the kitchen! I'll bet Sarah has you tied to the stove--she really wants to go on a trip with the new luggage. We wondered how long it would be before Kev got the itch again. If he needs a coach for the fitness training--I'm available! Bet he wouldn't get down the hall with me on his back! Good luck next semester, Sarah.

Mike and Barb said...

I'll come taste-test your concotions ;-)))
I always thought a bake-off contest would be so fun, and I'm excited to hear about someone who actually does it!!
How many things do you ususally "create" until you find that extra-special one?

Lesa said...

Good luck in the Kitchen!! I think that is really neat.

Cute photo of Kevin and Sarah.