Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jiminy Cricut!

(Anyone seen Romeo?!?!??!? LOL!)

Well Sarah has been saving her money for quite some time now. She has money from her birthday, Christmas and from selling some of her DS games on Ebay. Plus, her monthly allowance money which we just started a few months back. We started giving her the monthly allowance to help her learn about money, making decisions about "needs" vs "wants", etc. With her allowance she's to buy her own clothes (minus the "essentials" we buy like shoes, coats, undergarments, etc), make-up, jewelry and fun items. After her birthday and Christmas she's pretty much set on all those areas for the whole coming year!

She's really good about saving her money and not wanting to spend it on small things. She's been looking at an Ipod touch screen and a paper cutting machine called a "Cricut" (which I'm told is pronounced like "cricket"). We went today and checked out the Ipods and then she wanted to look at the Cricut again. She's looked at them several times and always decided just to keep her money. I thought today would be no different. Wrong song, Jack!

"I really want the Cricut, Mom!" she kept saying.

"Why?" I said.

"So I can make photo books, cards and bookmarks! Some for me and some to give. I thought you said it was MY money?"

Hmmmmm...yep, we did say that. So we went over with her again about how much money the Cricut was and how much the cartridges and paper are, etc. She stood her ground.

"You don't want to buy clothes, jewelry, make-up or anything else with the money?"


And, then we thought about how it really is her money and if she's happy with the clothes, etc, that she has, then maybe it will be a good thing for her to choose something "out of the ordinary", spend her money on it and see where the wind blows. (and for those of wondering it, "yes" I am thinking that maybe this is another notch in my "rookie mom's mistake" book!!)

So, here's Sarah with her new Cricut! Of course the first letters she cut were pink and spelled out "Sarah" (except I see in the photos it spells out "SarHA" which is totally goofball SARAH to the max!).

(No, the cat was not part of the package deal!)


sherrie said...

OK, I am green with envy! I want to put in my reservation for a visit right away. We can work on our books together. I'm sure she will have fun with her cricut. I can't wait to she what her wild imagination and artisic abilities produce.

amy said...

I have heard those are the coolest things..You guys are a great example

Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

Have fun with your new toy Sarah!
They look like lots of fun.

Kelly said...

I got a Cricut last year for Christmas - it was pretty much all I got and I LOVE it!! (although I got the smaller one - it looks like Sarah got the deluxe model) I am a big scrapper and it makes scrapbooking fun. For Sarah it would also make those poster boards she has to do for school look nice and fancy too. I hope she enjoys it!

Lesa said...

I bet it is a lot of fun. I've never seen one in person. I'm glad you showed what it can do.
Sarah, have fun with your new toy.
Debbi, you and Kevin are doing great with parenting!