Tuesday, March 30, 2010

She Passed -- Driving Permit!!!

Yes, it's happened!! After school yesterday Sarah took the driving permit test .... and passed!! It's one of the milestones that just smacks you in the face and says "yep, she's a young adult now!" And especially for a teen learning a new language, taking a written driving permit test is more of a challenge then just having to learn the entire 50+ page instruction booklet. We couldn't be more proud of her!

We went out for a celebration dinner and Miss Sarah picked Red Lobster .... she had lobster pizza appetizer and lobster and seafood pasta ... and she was so happy! On the way home we let her drive a bit and she'll get more practice in this weekend. Our state has a graduated permit system so she'll have this starting permit for 6 months and needs 40+ hours of driving with mom and dad and then in 6 months can apply for the next level permit which will allow her to drive by herself (with only one other young person in the car). So, it's the start of her new-found driving independence.

As they say, "Look out!! Here comes Sarah!!! Stay off the roads!!!!" Okay, just kidding!!


Galen Pearl said...

Yay Sarah!!!! Congratualtions from Beth and your NON-DRIVING friends Lily and Mia!!

Tori said...

Wow! Congrats, Sarah!

Joanne said...

WOW! Congrat's Sarah - that's great :)