Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Curtain UP!

Today is the last play rehearsal before the high school play opens tomorrow. Sarah was at school until 9:30 last night and tonight looks to be no different as they have the final run-through. She's a "stylist" (hair, make-up and costumes) plus one of the tech people with headphones which I think is a way of saying she's to be there to run around, get things and do things as needed. Plus she gets to hang from the rafters above the play which I have to agree has some coolness factor to it.

The play wraps up with the final show on Saturday night and then there is a big after-play party. Plus, it's the start of Spring Break so why not start it off with a BANG!

Will try to have Sarah get some photos and we'll try to take some tomorrow.

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Galen Pearl said...

A star is born!! Hope to see some pictures.