Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Visiting Friends

Oh my! I was overwhelmed by the number of people who contacted me after my Christmas post (below). It was so wonderful to hear from so many people, many I've never chatted with before and many who befriended me on Facebook. Quite honestly, I wasn't sure if anyone was reading the blog anymore, but I see you are -- THANKS! So I'll try to be better about posting on here.

We just returned a few hours ago from a two day mini trip. One of the girls Sarah grew up with lives a few hours away so we headed there for a visit. The girls had a wonderful time shopping, swimming, chatting and eating REAL Chinese food! There is a small restaurant there owned by people from their hometown in China. The restaurant has two menus -- one mainstream and one "authentic" menu with all the good stuff the girls remember from China. This time we ordered very spicy crunchy chicken, crunchy fried fish (bones and all) in sauce, a mixed eggplant dish, a stuffed fried tofu dish (with gorgeous mushrooms!) and sauteed greens and tofu vinegar soup. The girls loved it all!

This is the second time we've gone to this restaurant and the girls just love it. The man and woman who own the restaurant always come by and chat for a long, long, long (!) time with the girls and are very interested in their lives. As soon as we walked in the woman recognized the girls. There's tons of quick talking in Chinese which Kevin and I cannot understand at all so we just sit and enjoy the food! Watching the girls have so much fun, laughing and giggling, is quite a treat.

Now, it's time to take down all the Christmas decorations and store them away until next year. I'm guessing there's no magic fairy that will pack them all up tonight and store them away before morning!?! Sarah has a few days left before school starts up again on the 4th. If the snow isn't too bad tomorrow we may head to the movies. Otherwise, we just plan to CHILL!!!

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Joanne said...

Sooooooooo nice to see your posts! Sounds like everything is going well over there - loved Sarah's Christmas photo :) I've been checking in since Halloween...waiting & hoping and here are the posts!!!