Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Snow Family Bracker

(Every snowman begins with a single snow flake!)

This morning I heard the front door open and wondered just what in the heck Kevin was doing. He came back in to report it was perfect snowman making weather! Sarah has been waiting two years to make her first snowman! Not only did she get to make her first snowman, but a whole snow family. So we have snow dad Kevin, snow mom Debbi, snow daughter Sarah and snow cat Romeo! She put the pink scarf on "snow dad Kevin" -- glad he's confident enough in his masculinity to wear such a girly scarf!

(Kevin may be wearing a pink scarf, but it balances out with his fishing hat!)

(Snow Debbi having just as bad a hair day as real Debbi!)

(Snow Sarah with Snow Romeo the Cat right by her -- in snow as is life!)

(Sarah didn't want Snow Sarah's head to be cold!)

(We must have HAPPY snow people!)

(Snow Romeo the Cat)


Sherry said...

So cute!!! Love the snow family. We still have no snow here. But Cassie has a new sled for when it comes.

Truly Blessed said...

What fun!