Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Picture is Worth a Billion Words

This week is our 1-1/2 year "family day"! Over the past 1-1/2 years we've had lots of people who are interested in hearing about Sarah's story. Recently, Sarah has been the one interested in hearing "her" story -- or should I say the story of how Kevin and I came to meet her.

We've told her the story of how I was at the National Cornbread Cook-off when we first read about her on the computer. We've told her that we did not see any photos of her but only had written words to pour over when we decided to request to be considered to be her parents. And we've told her how we knew one million billion percent that she was meant to be our daughter. Meant to be -- that really sums it up.

While we had only words describing Sarah before submitting our paperwork, after we were matched the orphanage asked Sarah if she would like to send us any photos to describer herself. She said she wanted to take photos to show us "who she was." I look back now that those four photos and then I think about the girl who has been my daughter for 1-1/2 years and I just grin from ear to ear. The four photos she sent are EXACTLY the kid she is!

So, what can you tell from these?


Joanne said...

She's a doll :) From these photos Sarah took of herself, I think she is spunky, sweet and very, very brave :)

Lauree said...

Sarah has sparkle-it shows in her eyes. She's a goofball and loves to have fun. That's my take. I think it shows how beautiful she is. Lauree

Happy at Home said...

Beautiful, fun-loving, confident and totally cool. She is the perfect match. And now we know she is very smart too b/c she learned quickly how easy it was to love and trust you.
Wish we lived closer!