Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Cat Learns Pre-Algebra

Just a few cute photos from tonight. Sarah was working on her pre-algebra homework and Meo the cat decided to crawl into her backpack! He poked his head out and seemed really interesting in learning about the metric system. But when it came time to move from math to drafting he lost interest and went to take a nap elsewhere.

On a funny (and kind of sad) note, this pre-algebra lesson included a blurb about using metrics with laser technology. You might be interested to know that in the 1990s (yes, you're reading that right -- 1990s) there is PROJECTED to be a 30% increase in the number of jobs for laser technicians available. "Projected" indicating the 1990s are in the FUTURE. Now, I realize pre-algebra doesn't change all that much over time, but do we really have to wonder why our kids don't always get the best information?!?!?!? How old is this book!??!?!?


Lesa said...

Crazy isn't it!? Even the College books are slightly outdated.

Cute Cat photo.

Love the new look. Still Pink I see. ha

Happy at Home said...

Love the new look. But aren't you suppose to be in the kitchen creating a new baking recipe??? BYW, my family is willing to taste-test.
Wish we lived closer.

Our China Starfish said...

Hi- I ran across your blog in one of the adoption yahoo groups (I forgot which one now!) and just wanted to leave a note sharing how much I love reading your posts. My 10 yr old from China (home 9/08) seems similar in personality as Sarah and it's been helpful to read your story as we all continue to adjust. I hope everything continues to go well for Sarah. She has a most warm and friendly smile- she looks like a very special girl! Jennifer www.ourchinastarfish.blogspot.com

Jen, Dave, Leah and Daniel said...

too cute. Love that cat :)