Sunday, August 5, 2007

Yan's New Room

Yan's new bedroom is all ready for her!!!! Oh, we wish she were here already!!! We've done the room in hot pink and lime green. The walls are done in a pink to match the bed skirt and the ceiling is painted sky blue with fluffy white clouds accented with sparkling silver glitter (plus a moon on one side and a smiling sun on the other).

Above her bed is a mural made to look like a window with a pond outside. And, yes, we realize that if you are looking OUT a window to see a pond there is really no explanation as to why shutters are painted on what would be the inside of the home, but it's a cute mural that came with he house when we bought it. If Yan would prefer, we can paint it over in hot pink! This part of the wall is inset and has electrical outlets so she can store things inside and plug in a light (or a cell phone charger!). Right now, we have a gorgeous little red ladybug table-top light that a friend gave us and stuffed ducks with rain hats on that we thought looked like they went with a pond.

The window has five kinds of window treatments -- okay, we might have gone a little overboard! We were trying to go for the teen look and have a hot pink cotton shade over a white twist shade (as the room gets lots of sunlight and one shade didn't really darken it too well) with lime green sheers on the outside, long lime green beaded panel in the middle and a valance which is green with hot pink ribbon trim and dangling beads.

Yan also has a 6 drawer dresser with mirror, night stand by her bed, study/computer desk and ceiling fan. Now, if we can only get the rest of the house ready!


Amiee said...

A beautiful room for a beautiful girl. Congratulations!

Chairman Mom said...

How cute is that? I love it! Congrats!


The room is absolutely adorable and can tell it has been created with love. Soon you will be in China with your daughter.

Taryn McCarthy said...

Beautiful daughter and room.We have a 12 year old from China. We also have a dossier in china LID 6/06. Would love to talk to about adopting an older child.Email Thank you Taryn

albrecht93 said...

It looks like Grandma painted her fingers to the bone to get that done! Awesome, cute room! I can't wait to meet Yan!! Love, "Aunt" Kimberly

LaLa said...

What a beautiful the spread and quilt!!

Cheri said...

First of all I just wanted to say "Congratulations". Your daughter is beautiful and I look forward to following your journey to bringing her home!

Second of all, her room is absolutely gorgeous!! Pink and Lime Green....what a great color combination. She is going to love it!!

Take care and Congratulations!!

LID 12/7/05 for Hope

We are Frank & Hayley, said...

Wow! What an awesome job you guys did on the room! Yan is going to be so excited when she sees it! What a lucky little girl she is, and how lucky you two are as well! Can't wait to meet her and get her together with Emerson! She needs practice on her Chinese!! :-)
Love you both!


We are on our 2nd older adoption. Please email me at We can hardly wait to do this again.


Ruth said...

Stunning! I wish I had your talent for decorating. Congratulations and I'm sooooo happy to hear about these older children coming home.


~*~Sandie~*~ said...

I love your story. I wish you a world of happiness!