Thursday, August 9, 2007

Visas Are Here!

HA!! Double HA! Yeah! Double Yeah!

Our passports just arrived with our China Visa stamps nicely stuck inside! Now, we need to get our TA (Travel Approval) and once that arrives our agency can schedule our appointment at the consulate in Guangzhou, China (see Day 12 below). Then, we get our tickets booked and we FLY to China to bring our girl home!!!

Our agency has given us a *tentative* outline for our trip. This may change and we'll know the exact information as soon as the travel department books our travel. Lots of things can change on the below outline but it gives us a guide.

Day 1 (a Thursday) -- Leave home and fly to Beijing
Day 2 -- Arrive Beijing
Day 3 -- Tour Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City
Day 4 -- Leave Beijing and fly to Nanjing
Day 5 -- Meet Yan!!!
Day 6 -- Adoption notarization, interview with officials
Day 7 -- Apply for Yan's passport
Day 8 -- Site-seeing in Nanjing (hopefully visit orphanage)
Day 9 -- Notarized documents and Yan's passport arrive
Day 10 -- Fly to Guangzhou
Day 11 -- Yan's medical exam and her visa photo taken in morning. Shopping/tour in afternoon
Day 12 -- American Consulate appointment to apply for Yan's US entry visa
Day 13 -- Pick up Yan's visa
Day 14 -- Fly home


amy said...

what a happy time! PRaying for all of you!

new girl said...

This is so darn exciting! Come on TA!!!!


It won't be long now! Before you know it you will be a family of 3!

Emma's Journal said...

That's wonderful news!! And congrats on your daughter, she is beautiful.