Sunday, July 29, 2007

Yan Sees Photos of her Parents -- Oh, my!!!

Last week we sent a care package to Yan that included: photo album (family, home, friends, etc, with Chinese text added to describe photos), letters from Debbi and Kevin which have been translated into Chinese, two sparkle t-shirts (one butterfly and one with Bobby Jack the monkey), two disposable cameras (for her to take photos of her friends, school, etc), three bags of candy to share with other children at the orphanage, tote bag, photo frame with a photo of mom & dad, four teen magazines, stationery items (pretty writing pad, light-up pens, etc), a necklace from American Eagle with carved shell birds, four pair of colorful socks, barettes, pink plastic school box stuffed full of individual bags of Teddy Grahams, address cards with her photo and new address/email/phone to give to her friends so they can keep in touch and Ty "Peace" Beanie Baby. The package was sent by 3-day air and arrived in China on Friday (27th). So, she knows about us now!! Wonder what she thinks of us all?

As we hear more, we will post here!

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Mutti said...

It's absolutely terrific to see that children come in all ages. It's so wonderful that you have found each other. Congratulations to you all.