Friday, May 28, 2010

Clue #5 -- Sarah's "Project"

Clue #5:
In 2006 “Half the Sky” ( started projects in Sarah’s orphanage. This photo was taken approximately 12 hours after we met Sarah for the first time and about 2 hours after our adoption became formalized. We went to the orphanage to visit and for Sarah to say her good-byes. Here she in one of the younger children’s room. In the back left of this photo you’ll see a woman in a white shirt. On the front of her shirt is the “Half the Sky” logo indicating she is a “Half the Sky” employee.

“Half the Sky” is working in many of China’s orphanages. Thousands of children are now enrolled in “Half the Sky” programs to provide love and hope for orphaned children. Since “Half the Sky” began its work in China in 2000, more than fifteen thousand children have benefited from one or more of these five innovative programs: The Baby Sisters Infant Nurture Program, The Little Sisters Preschool Program, The Big Sisters Program, The Family Village Program and The China Care Program.


Lesa said...

Humm..... Could she be planning on going to volunteer?
Making new Screen Print ideas for the shirts....
What on earth is she planning?

Joanne said...

Oooo, aren't you sneaky :) I also think Sarah is going to volunteer or do "something" for Half the Sky???