Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gift Box from China

In the year or so prior to coming to the US, Sarah had a sponsor family in China. She would spend some weekends and holidays with this family. Today, she received a large box from them filled with clothing and cross stitch items. There is quite an assortment of goodies, mostly traditional Chinese clothing including dresses, pjs, pants and tops. Also, two VERY heavy flannel lined coats with balloon style pants. Perhaps they think it's too cold there in the US.

Also there are two cross stitched pillow cases and one cross stitched cell phone case. Sarah thinks perhaps the woman from this family hand made these items.

(Very heavy flannel lined tunic coat)

(Heavy jacket with koi fish pants)

(Floral embroidery on front/back)

(Egytian style tank dress)

(Cross stitched pillow cases and cell phone case)

(The loot, part 1)

(The loot, part 2)


Joanne said...

Oh sweet! I'm sure it means so much to Sarah that they pick out all of these special items for her :) I think this is wonderful !

Lesa said...

That is incredible! Do these actually fit Sarah? They are lovely and what a keepsake for her.

Truly Blessed said...

What wonderful gifts. Your Sarah is a very lucky young lady to have so many people who care for her!

Lori said...

Hi there! I just found your blog (through my friend Connie). We came home with a 13 3/4 year old girl from China in September. She is such a sweet girl! We also have two bio teen boys and a 4 year old from Jiangxi.

Can't wait to get to "know" you better!

Your daughter is beautiful!