Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Belated June & July

Ok. I admit it. I've become a BAD blogger! Basically our lives have settled into a routine which most often doesn't warrant a lengthy blog entry. So most things are done through Facebook. So if we haven't connected already on Facebook, I'd love to!

Over the past month Sarah and Kevin have had summer school. Sarah took Driver's Ed and Computer Applications. She's a bit hesitant to try for her driving permit, but I'm sure that will come sometime soon. Kevin's building was under renovation during the month of summer school so he was "relocated" to a temporary office which kind of threw him out of his routine!

Our friend Diane visited from Iowa. She was not here long but we had a fun time together! We went to a local blueberry farm and picked two buckets full of blueberries. Unfortunately my camera had condensation and the photos have a bit of a "haze" to them -- but trust me we had fun!

The 4th of July found us out in the yard with sparklers, bees and glowing worms (which didn't glow). Our whole neighborhood was lit up as we live in the "anything can go BOOM" state so we had quite a show all from the comfort of our driveway.

Lately Sarah has been really into watching cake decorating shows on tv. Her favorite show is "Ace of Cakes" and I think we've watched every episode. Plus, we're up-to-date on all cake "Challenge" shows on Food TV. So we thought we'd try our own little decorating challenge. I made homemade cake, homemade frosting and homemade fondant. I assembled the cake and Sarah did all the decorating including the fondant work (the pink and all the white shapes are rolled fondant). It was really fun trying fondant for the first time and there definitely is a learning curve to it. But for a first try I think Sarah did an awesome job decorating!

We've also started saving a bit of money on Kevin's hair. Sarah wanted to try cutting it and she does an awesome job. And, yes, she wrapped him in a large garbage bag! Romeo the cat seemed jealous so he jumped up on the chair and was perfectly content having Sarah "pretend" to cut his hair -- complete with being wrapped in a towel and her "snapping" the scissors around without really cutting anything! He sat there until she was done and told him to leave!!!

And no day is complete without about 1-1/2 hours of "cat time". Seriously. Sarah and Romeo play together all the time. I have to say he's the most patient cat there is as he'll let her pretty much her do whatever she wants. One of their favorite games is for her to lay on top the stairs and for him to "stalk" her from the bottom. He lays his ears very flat so she can't see him and then he quietly moves from step to step. If she peeks her head up at the top he'll freeze in his tracks! It's very funny to watch.

Hope everyone is having a GREAT summer!!


Joanne said...

So glad your summer is going well! Sarah's cake looks really, really good! Can't believe it's her first time working with fondant!! She is a "jack of all trades" : cutting daddys hair - love Romeo in the chair too :)
When I was little I used to play games with my cat, we'd play "army" and I'd creep my hands on the arm of the chair and my cat would try to really is fun...I love cats (but hubby does not!)

Lesa said...

That is so funny how they play! I can't believe he would set still and allow her to pretend giving him a haircut. That is just too cute.
I love watching those shows also!

Glad you are having a great summer time.

Norah said...

Great update and her cake is amazing...seriously!

Doug and Terrye said...

Love the cake...I think there is certainly a talent there! Have you seen Amazing Wedding Cakes on WE Network? And Cake Boss is always good. I'm with y'all, I love the cake decorating shows, I just haven't had as much nerve as y'all to try my hand at them :)

Terrye in FL