Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Too Much Stuff!

"School has too much stuff!" says Miss Sarah! Here she is getting ready to go to school today with her trapper keeper, bag of books, purse and new lunch box.

She's never cared for school lunch that much and says this year lunch is extra yucky. So, we went out two days ago and she spent quite a bit of time selecting just the right lunch box and thermos. We actually had to go to two stores before she found one she liked. Yep, the lunch box is pink (it's turned around in the photo so only the black back side shows) and the thermos has Hello Kitty on it. She's taking cajun soup, puffy Cheetos, mixed nuts and a Honest Kids juice drink and says this lunch is SO MUCH better than school lunch. It took a bit to find a drink for her to take as she doesn't like sugar. The Honest Kids drink has half the sugar of regular drinks plus it's organic. And she likes it!

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Mike and Barb said...

Well, she looks great!!